More Paying it Forward

Replacement Windows in BethesdaIf you have spent any time on Facebook you have probably come across a story about someone doing a good deed for someone else, or someone paying it forward.

There are endless stories of people doing good deeds for one another, and it is truly heartwarming in these crazy times of gun violence and terrorism to replace the negative stories with positive news.


Radiators and Roker

It is amazing all the good that happens around you when you are looking for it. Honestly, this blew me away and couldn’t have come at a better time if I had planned it.

My friend had a problem with the radiator in her car and was told that she had to get a new one.  She called me yesterday and was stressed about how she was going to pay for it with all of her bills and other maintenance she had to do on the car.  She said,”God will help me with all my bills”. She got her checkbook out and started to write the check for the new radiator. The two gentlemen behind the counter stopped her and said that someone had anonymously paid for it. I KID YOU NOT!  And in the words of Shaggy – it wasn’t me.


The Angel Art Woman

I like meeting brand-new people. There is absolutely nothing I enjoy greater than becoming part of an entirely new circumstance and sitting down for a conversation with an unfamiliar person. I discover that strangers promptly end up being buddies after a little time spent together and a couple of great inquiries asked. So I love it when my task needs me to take a trip with the sole purpose of a conference with somebody in an attempt to compose a tale concerning them. Recently my task provided me the terrific privilege of traveling to Italy with the objective of meeting an unique woman, Gretta, and spending 4 days with her in her vacation home outside of Florence. The first point I noticed upon entering Gretta’s suite was her love of angel art.

glenyssWeb08 copyI assumed it was weird that Gretta loved angel art. I truthfully had never seen anyone that decided to embellish their home in such a means. It had not been that the angel art was ugly whatsoever, as I half expected angel art to be. Rather, I was shocked that the angel art was actually fairly stunning and quite suitable in that setup. Gretta, being the terrific Italian lady that she is, firmly insisted that we take a seat for a glass of wine before touring her suite.

Over this very first glass of wine I became convinced that Gretta and I truly would become good friends. I was sure of this due to the fact that I liked her Italian accent making out English words and I loved the simple way she addressed my concerns and asked me some of her very own. When I guessed that we were virtually all set to begin our trip, I began to ask Gretta regarding her selection of angel art and I asked why specifically she opted to enhance that way.

I loved the way Gretta’s eyes illuminated as I asked her concerning angel art, as if I had actually asked her concerning her first love. She quickly got up from the table and led me around from room to room in her suite, offering me fantastic information concerning each piece of angel art. It was clear that she had always loved angels therefore for this reason she enhanced her house in this way due to the fact that it seemed all-natural to do so. She believed that the angel art was symbolic of the fact that real angels were shielding her home and all of the visitors that showed up there. I was blessed to be protected by Gretta’s unique angels.

I had the most lovely four day browse through with Gretta. I found out more about angel art compared to I ever planned on, yet I was grateful. I discovered a great deal, but more notably, I made a new pal.

Angel Sanctuary

thumb4_dock_on_the_lakeIf you have actually never come across an angel sanctuary, then you are not alone. Actually, until I was designated to spend an afternoon at one to write about it for my work I had actually never become aware of an angel sanctuary either.

I made the 3 hour trip from my home to the nearest angel sanctuary that sat far back in the hills of my state. I contained interest and a bit of anxiousness as I drove to the angel sanctuary for the quite simple reason that I had no hint what to expect from this experience. I am a relatively adventurous individual and there are few circumstances that make me feel frightened, so I’m not precisely certain what triggered sensations of fear in me as I came close to the sanctuary.

The angel sanctuary was nothing like I had imagined it to be. I expected it to be a fully confined practically church-like kind of structure. As I approached I recognized that the angel sanctuary was actually half inside and half outside. I at some point pertained to choose this to a fully confined angel sanctuary due to the fact that it appeared making sense to me that angels wanted to wander both inside and outside.

I satisfied a lady at the entryway of the angel sanctuary and she was accountable for walking me around her treasured structure and for teaching me anything I wished to know. I appreciated this woman exceptionally by the time our afternoon ended. She had plenty of helpful knowledge and she wasn’t spooky or detached from reality as I anticipated she would be. In fact, she was one of one of the most down-to-earth and also engaging females I’ve seen in a while.

I liked her due to the fact that she recognized that the principle of an angel sanctuary was thought of as creepy and unusual by the majority of people. She guaranteed me, nonetheless, that these prejudgments would promptly be demolished after I found out about the feature and objectives of the angel sanctuary.

Essentially I found out that an angel sanctuary is an area where people could come and simply unwind far from the busyness of the real world. I learned that it has little to do with angels and quite to do with people having a place to connect with God within the hills. I was happy for my trip to the angel sanctuary because I learned something brand-new and I made a new buddy.

Inspirational People

Recently, I have been reading stories and becoming inspired by people who people who have overcome extremely difficult circumstances in their life and have turned their struggles into ways to inspire others.  Check some of my favorites out below:

Randy Pausch: He is the co-author of a book called “The Last Lecture”.  He is known for his inspirational lecture given at Carnegie Mellon.  He taught computer science.  In 2006, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was told he only had 3 months to live.  He lived for 3 years and in those 3 years inspired millions of people all over the world to follow their dreams.  You can go to YouTube and listen to that speech here.

He died in 2008, but he continues to inspire people through his book and his lecture.

Nick-VujicicNick Vujicic: Nick is from Australia and he has a disease that is called Tetra-amelia syndrome. He has no limbs, yet he surfs, swims, plays golf and soccer.  He is a husband, father, and a motivational speaker.  His story is truly amazing.

His website is and he has a book titled,”Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life.

If you are feeling down his book and his story will definitely inspire you.  He basically asks you why you aren’t happy if he is?  Most of us will never face the challenges he has and yet he is full of joy and wanting to help others find joy as well.


Random Acts of Kindness

Today, I thought I would share ideas that might strike a chord with you and inspire you to engage in a random act of kindness, make someone happy and hopefully make the world .. or maybe just your neighborhood or community a better place.


Carl’s Jr. Angels – We Did It!

We did it!  We paid for the person behind us.

My daughter had gymnastics practice yesterday after school and wanted to stop by Carl’s Jr. for her “usual”. She always has an Oreo milkshake with no whip cream at Carl’s Jr. when she is allowed to splurge. They get quite a workout at gymnastics for 1.5 hours, so why not. And..I wanted to spread a little love and joy by “I’m paying for the person behind me” mentioned in my last blog.


Angles All Around Us – Introduction

There are books about Angels, songs about Angels, news stories, TV shows and accounts from people who swear they were helped by a personal guardian angel. There have even been polls taken to see how many American’s believe that angels do exist.  And you know …most Americans do believe in angels.

I am not here to prove if they exist or not.  I am not going to try to convince you one way or the other.  Whether you believe in angels in the heavenly realm is your business.  But, I think that most of us will agree that there are angels all around us – people helping people.

The purpose of this blog is  to provide inspirational, positive stories about the great things (big and small) that are happening around us because of businesses, organizations, and individuals and yes maybe angels who want to share love and goodwill and want to make this world a better place.

The news and social media will have you believe that there is nothing good happening and nobody is getting along.  I am here try to spread some love through beautiful stories about angels (spiritual) and humans that are “angels”. I hope that it blesses your day and fills your heart with hope and love.  And, maybe, just maybe you will be inspired to be someone’s angel in the “humanly” realm.

If you do take action, I hope you get in touch with me here so I can share YOUR story!

Check out this video out… it will make you think twice! Do you believe in angels?